How to sell in the home

Before you even arrive at the prospect's home many obstacles should have been cleared for you.

Are all homeowners/decision makers present?

Is there adequate time for a presentation?

Are there "fatal distractions" present? (third parties, neighbors, friends)

 In-Home sales training

How to sell in the home

Would you like to learn how to sell or sell more in the home?

There are several steps that apply regardless of the product or service you are presenting to prospects within the framework of a "one call close"

"selling in the home"

Essential Elements of an In-Home Sales Presentation

 by  Tommy Steele

Copyright 1986-2018

 All Rights Reserved

1. The process formerly known as "warm up"
Here's where the in-home sales professional attempts to remove the innate fear of salespeople that my be present in the mind of the prospect. Frequently this can be accomplished through the use of a properly worded survey or questionnaire or the actual walking of the job (inspection). It is imperative that the prospect view the in-home sales professional, not as a hired gun high pressure mercenary, but as an industry professional.

2. Establish credibility/ The company story/ credentials

The time and place to address /remove diminish the "I want to check you out" objection or stall, is before it becomes a fatal objection at the end of the presentation. The timing of the presentation mandates that this, as with all other salient, important information be presented to the prospect in a manner that easily allows them to internalize these ideas and concepts as their own.

3. Eliminate multiple alternatives
Here's where the prospect's decision must be narrowed down to a simple "dichotomy of choice" When the prospect began the information gathering/purchasing process they may have been considering option A, B, C, D and so forth. The goal here is to reduce the amount of alternatives the prospect may be considering to either YOUR PRODUCT/ SERVICE being the ultimate in service value and quality or all others being the ultimate form of deception, danger and fraud!

4. Build value
Using a comparison presentation the in-home sales professional shows the features and resulting benefits UNIQUE to their particular product or service

5. Create urgency
In many cases the best presentation to qualified prospects will amount to a tragic waste of time and resources unless the deal is closed. There is a popular quote that says: "if you can't close, then you can't sell" REMEMBER THAT PEOPLE WILL USUALLY SEEK WAYS TO JUSTIFY THEIR ACTION OR INACTION!!!!!

These five steps have improved the earning power of many sales professionals. These five steps are time tested over the course of over sixty years. Most importantly the manner in which these steps are performed is the actual key to sales success! Using sales techniques developed in 1974 will at best, get you a "1974 paycheck". This information was developed after thousands of in-home sales presentations from 1986 TO THE PRESENT!