What issues matter???

Remember, as an 1099/independent contractor as opposed to a W-2 employee, your legal rights are diminished or even completely ignored. This biz is tough enough without "having to look over your shoulder". Use your instincts. If something does not seem right, GET OUT! There is no limit on what
your "employer" can do to you! Additionally traditional methods of recourse are not available to the "independent contractor" sales rep.

What issues are faced by

 the In-Home Sales professional??

Key concerns are:

Your vehicle... It is literally your lifeline when in the field. Just as the company you are working with depends on their ability to purchase ads and generate leads, YOUR profitability is based largely on your ability to properly address key maintenance issues. You will NOT be using a car like other people. It is your most vital asset  that is constantly being pushed  to the limit and forced to work hard every day!

Your "legal status" and RESPECT!

Unfortunately sometimes an organization will seek to maximize profits by ignoring legally required guidelines like paying employment tax. Remember without any "agreement" you have ZERO rights!

In many cases prospects will have a contempt for a sales rep  due to life experiences. Therefore to be successful that negative image MUST BE REMOVED from the prospect's mind. This is done by achieving the status of an INDUSTRY SPECIFIC PROFESSIONAL/EXPERT!

Getting paid!  Unfortunately it is possible to sell properly and not get paid! As an independent contractor your legal actions are expensive and some operations count on that fact by finding excuses or reasons to reduce or eliminate your pay. If you ask "why would someone want to anger a producer?" The answer is respect, or a lack of it in that these people think an in-home sales rep is just another word for "dime a dozen" stupid loser. Selling a speciality product with no variance in terms of delivery or installation could lessen this occurrence but not completely.


Your personal safety. The world and the roads are a dangerous place. Some places and situations can turn deadly if not avoided. Things like getting gas at an unfamiliar location at night can lead to carjackings etc. The  same danger is faced when exiting the vehicle and walking to a prospect's house. Other times the weather can be hazardous. Remember sometimes the people who are sending you out to cover appointments have no concern whatsoever about your life or well being. It is up to YOU to protect yourself. Snow and ice are 2 leading threats faced when driving. Forget about idiotic macho claims like "I'm from Minnesota so I know how to drive in the snow". The inherent danger in this statement ignores that fact that there are thousands of OTHER DRIVERS who do not know how to drive in these conditions, thus presenting a threat to other drivers!


Of course it is interesting to discuss the sales techniques used when selling in the home, yet without knowing the survival basics that will not matter!